If you missed it, here is the Commissioning of our Lay Leaders





We are blessed with a committed group of volunteers who staff our children and youth programs. Consequently, the spiritual gifts and leadership skills each adult brings to these programs influence how the faith is shared with those who are growing in the faith. Above all else we strive to create a loving and safe place for our children and youth.

We hope to share with them a faith experience that explores both the Hebrew Scripture and the Newer Testament, placing special emphasis on the example of Jesus and his call to serve.

The congregation has in place a Safe Church Policy. An elevator makes the lower level accessible.


Teens meet with adult facilitators on Sundays from October through May to explore issues of faith, social justice, and the unique pressures and opportunities facing today's high school students. Debates, games, projects and Bible challenges keep things lively. Our current facilitator, Sarah, also teaches at a local community college.

Our youngest children play in the Starry Night Nursery under the watchful eyes of our nursery nanny, Nicole. Nicole has a degree in education, special education emphasis. Nursery care is provided every Sunday, for special services and many church programs. The Nursery is on the main floor, just down the hall from the sanctuary and next to the Pastor's study. Nicole is a paid supervisor.

Since 2013 the church school program has developed around the “Rotation Model,” using different models of learning for our children to discover one Bible story a month and rotate between classrooms. This format allows children who are unable to attend each week a chance to still get acquainted with the wonderful characters in Scriptures and those who come regularly to learn different nuances of the same story. Congregations who use this rotation method find that their children become Biblically literate by the time they are ready for confirmation. This program model is ideal for small church school programs with mixed grade levels in one or two classrooms. It is also very adaptable for growth in the program. Teachers are provided excellent background material and a detailed lesson plan with lots of activities. Teachers report that they learn so much, too!




Eighth grade youth explore in greater depth what it means to be a Christian, the history of our denomination, world religions, and putting faith into action. Lay leaders from several denominations join together to provide this important program leading toward church membership. The program provides opportunities for each student to work with a mentor who models faithful discipleship. Confirmation class meets once monthly.


Crew Club provides an opportunity for middle school youth from several area churches to get involved in age-appropriate service activities and to have fun in a social setting. They meet each month with volunteer adult leaders.


High school youth from several local churches share ideas and activities twice a month. They also participate in youth retreats, mission service projects, and a week-long mission trip each summer where they have helped build playgrounds, repair homes and get a personal "big picture" view of how Christians can help others in the world.

We encourage and nurture the use of our God-given gifts so that we may become involved, committed and empowered to minister.

Wherever your spiritual gifts, talents and interests lie there is a way to share your unique contribution with others. Opportunities at our church include worship planning, music, drama and art, teaching, youth activities, church leadership and administration, hospitality, and a wide range of social action initiatives. Every gift is precious and every hour spent in ministry spreads the Good News. We are actively  looking for even more ways to develop and share all the talents our members have to offer.




We ask all to commit their time, talent and treasure in service to God.

The Congregational UCC of Arlington Heights was founded as a mission church with a focus on giving back to God. Every fall, we dedicate a week to prayerful consideration of the many gifts that God has given us. On Stewardship Sunday, each member dedicates—in complete confidence—a monetary pledge for the coming year and an assessment of the time and talent each has to offer. From these pledges come the full operating and mission budgets for the next year; our church has no fundraisers. We continue to pursue our church's original goal of giving 50% of collected monies to those in need.

In addition to UCC national and global assistance (Our Church's Wider Mission), we support many local services.

One weekend each summer (in 2019 it is July 26-27-28), interested persons of all ages gather at Tower Hill camp in Sawyer, Michigan for a weekend of relaxation and fellowship. Tower Hill is one of two campgrounds owned by the UCC Illinois Conference.

Once a year, our youth participate in a mission trip to help those in need, most recently in North Dakota and New Hampshire.  Adult groups and individuals have traveled to Florida and New Orleans to repair homes that were damaged by hurricanes, and to Russia to help at an orphanage.